Friday, February 17, 2012

Give Woody An Oscar.

How has an actor as prolific as Woody Harrelson not won an Academy Award? Please explain.

Nothing? Okay then, who do I have to bribe to get him one? I’m a little light on cash but I have a PayPal account.

Woody Harrelson was hilarious in Kingpin. He was both hilarious and could handle the three in White Men Can’t Jump. He was so maniacal in Natural Born Killers I left the theater very much inclined to bite the head off a pigeon or something. Then he shifted into reverse and played Larry Flynt. In The Messenger, one of the best movies of 2009, he was a hardass army officer tasked at personally delivering bad news to next of kin. Come on – theoretically, he should already won a couple Oscars by now. So much for theory.

The other night I saw the new movie Rampart, in which Woody plays a lunatic cop. It’s a cross between The Bad Lieutenant and Leaving Las Vegas, and Woody is in every scene, playing a completely f’d up officer in the Rampart department of the LAPD, who in the late 90s lead the league in bribery/brutality.

He is so good in it that this has to be the role that finally puts him over the top, right? I refuse to be skeptical, even if he’s been overlooked before, and the movie is coming out so early in the year that the Academy might forget about it come January and too many people think Woody is just that hemp-wearing stoner guy. Okay, this is me, being skeptical.

Screw it. My official campaign is on. “Woody For Oscar.” Go put that on a grocery separator.

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