Monday, April 11, 2011

Ladies And Gentleman, Your Upright Citizens Brigade 301 Graduating Class.

The cliché is bullshit – there actually are stupid questions. And the stupidest of all time occurred at a press conference with the Beatles in the 60s, when a reporter asked them, “What do you guys call your hair style?” to which George Harrison sarcastically replied, “Arthur.”

This was the inspiration for improvisational legend Del Close, who when asked what he called his form of improv, replied, “Harold.”

Harolds are what my class, and my team, perform. (By the way, the name “Harold” inspired another improv format called “Maude.”) Harolds are hard as hell, but really fun when done the right way. It’s long-form improvisation, with SNL-type sketches made up completely on the spot.

That’s my class, pictured above, in the green room ready to go on stage. After using yesterday’s post to smack Bill Cosby around, I realized I should recognize the people I got to know over the last couple of months, who are some of the smartest and funniest performers in this town. I’ll miss Sundays with them.

Performing live comedy is a rush I think I’ll never get over, so I’m gonna stick with this for a few decades. My class may be finished, but the beatings with my team go on, twice weekly. We’ve got one scheduled for tonight. Make ‘em laugh, monkeys.

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