Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orange County Fair: A Blackberry Gallery.

Got my hillbilly on over the weekend at the Orange County Fair. Actually it’s in SoCal, so it wasn’t quite as white-trashy as the average fair. Take, for example, the above, in-progress sand sculpture, outside a cool exhibit called Al’s Brain, a 3-D film featuring Al Yankovic. My brother’s ad agency did work promoting both the fair and Al’s attraction. I thought it was a good Bill Nye-type career move for Al; accordion-playing jobs aren't exactly blowing up craigslist.

I promised my niece her dad would buy her one of these every year for her birthday.

They’ll make a tasty tortilla soup someday.

And I attempt to win back the ladies with newborn piglet butt.

Only at a Cali fair.

That’s more like it.

Kinda rubbing it in, eh?

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