Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Manja. Manja ‘Til You Can’t Manja No More.

There seems to be a myth in this city, mostly propagated by transplanted New Yorkers, that LA just doesn’t offer good pizza. And to these people from the old neighborhood I say kiss my white ass.

Or, for a tastier treat, head over to Enzo’s in Westwood. Just off the UCLA campus, Enzo’s is the real thing. They ship water in from the NY Water Bottling Company and make a damn good pizza.

And the place has the perfect atmosphere. Still-shots from The Godfather line the walls, mostly featuring the character Luca Brasi. When I asked the owner why, he had a very cool answer: Lenny Montana, who played Luca, was his father. Bonus points to the guy who has a framed pic of his dad being strangled at his workplace.

The Sinatra painting you see above was done for the owner by a friend of Joe Pesci. He claimed the guy finished it in 20 minutes. I didn’t delve into why speed was an essential element to fine art; a contract hit on me right now is the last thing I need.

Enzo’s offers a ginormous 23” pie, which I finished off with two friends the other day. Normally, I’m hungry every minute of every hour, but after chowing down this monster for lunch, I couldn’t eat dinner until 10 p.m.

Dammit, now I’m hungry again. If I keep hitting Enzo’s like this, I’m gonna have to get fitted for some of those Barry O. mom jeans.

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