Thursday, June 20, 2019

My 3400th Post.

If you want sparkling, sophisticated blog entries, catch me early in the month, before I’ve used up my ten free New York Times articles.

Or wait until I hit a milestone, and pick my favorite five from the previous 100. Here goes:

Because I’m In Love With You, Ladies. After eight years of my educational Valentine’s posts, you ladies should own us. Make it happen, here. 

No Eating, Touching, Breathing, or Looking. Hell yeah I made soap. Help me explore my renaissance/Amish side here.

John Kapelos Live! Until this night, my favorite musical instrument was the lunch bell. Swing, baby, here. 

Rest In Peace. Good man. Tough loss. Read about him here. 

In Which Pete Rose Calls Me. It was an honor just to have him call someone other than his bookie. A thrill, here.

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