Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Laugh It Up.

Whenever I say “At least you’re going to get a lot of material out of this” to my friend Jay Mohr, it’s my way of saying “Sorry about your life, dude.”

Jay has been through some shit, including a nasty divorce last year. But he hasn’t lost a step on-stage. He invited me to see him play The Improv on Melrose, and he went up with nothing prepared, and killed for an hour.

He made fun of every nationality and religion. His childhood. His kids. His two marriages. He made a Tommy Lasorda reference that was so funny, he surprised himself and stopped to write it down on a note card.

All audiences really want when they see a comedian is to know that they’re in good hands and that he’s in charge. Jay was the man. If only for an hour.

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