Thursday, October 4, 2018

Three Hep Cats.

Why are people pissed off that Cardi B ordered an attack on some people? It’s not like she released another album or anything.

On the other hand, a very good guy did release a new album: my friend John Kapelos. John is an actor who’s been in everything, but he’s also a great musician, and his new jazz record is called “Too Hip for the Room”.

John had a release party Tuesday night, and “Hucksters” co-star Ben Pace and I attended. Also in attendance was John’s friend Mike Hagerty, who’s been in hundreds of shows and movies in his own right. (He was Kurt Russell’s friend in Overboard, and the snotty apartment super Mr. Treeger on “Friends”.) Mike was nice enough to show up even though he’s the biggest Cubs fan, and his team was playing in an elimination playoff game. He kept excusing himself from the party to check the score of the game until I showed him how to watch it live on his iPhone. He was so grateful. I love Hollywood.

John’s album is cool and great and you can download it on iTunes. Check it out.

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