Thursday, October 11, 2018

I’m Heading Out Of Town.

Every other guy who arrives in Las Vegas: “Strippers and poker!”
Me, arriving in Vegas: “Ooh, there’s a Walgreens AND a CVS next to my hotel.”

Today, I’m flying to Las Vegas to join 36 of my frat brothers for a reunion. While it sounds entirely debaucherous, I always behave. And I kinda have to – imagine if I went from a streak of 7518 days without vomiting to a whole new one of four days.

I’ll of course hit the casino (and have them point me to their finest claw machine), lounge by the pool (thank you, food poisoning, for quickly giving me a passable summer body), and enjoy a nice suite at the Palazzo. (Nice-ish. My pledge-brother Layne is crashing on my couch because he took too long to decide he was joining us.)

I need this. My last attempt at getting out of town consisted of 90 minutes in Philadelphia, after I was notified mid-flight that I booked a role. A great reason to scrub the mission, but still.

Redacted stories and photos when I get back.

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