Monday, June 11, 2018

Rollin’ Out The Red Carpet.

My favorite moment from the Oscars was the dead-person montage a few years back, when all the celebs Joan Rivers insulted had to applaud her.

My favorite moment from the Dances with Films festival occurred Saturday night, with the screening of my friends Bru and Aina’s short Diwa. The film is haunting and beautifully shot, and the audience at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood was loaded with Bru and Aina’s good friends, who support them because they always go out of their way for us.

It was followed by a great after-party at Lono tiki bar. It was nice to have us all together and talk about what we’re working on. Like our friend Gary, who performed standup last night with Judd Apatow. Or Kirk, who is writing a sitcom pilot. And our friend Dean, who is about to direct a horror film.

Just a bunch of friends getting after it in a business we love. My kind of night.

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