Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Deep Down, We're All That Dude At 7-Eleven With His Bathrobe On.

I never was a robe guy, until I was staying in a nice hotel a few months ago and tried on a hooded, soft sweatshirt-cotton robe. I was hooked. Turns out they're not just for Satanists who sacrifice babies.

I finally found one for myself, and it arrived just in time, as I was fighting a wicked cold. Even with my head throbbing and my nose running, I got to hang out like a Jedi all day.

It's truly like wearing a hug. Even the color is perfect: cocoa. And I've discovered some other benefits: if somebody stops by my place unexpectedly, I can be "just about to hop in the shower". And whenever I get the mail, my neighbors wonder if I'm a mental patient.

Get one, and join me.

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