Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Zero Seconds Of January.

It takes a car 30 years to become vintage. It takes a phone 30 days.

Because my iPhone had been acting up, I brought it to the Genius Bar last week, where a helpful employee suggested I wipe the phone clean, then redownload my apps.

It worked. Mostly. I’d forgotten that this maneuver would erase my one-second-per-day clips that I consolidate into music-backed videos at the end of each month.

I had some nice stuff, too. Me, attempting to shoot footage and not kill myself while skiing at Mammoth. Buttery, soft pretzels, fresh out of the oven, during my first foray into baking. My nephew’s team celebrating the South Bay soccer championship. All lost forever.

I’d like to thank Apple - and the iCloud – for January, the greatest month that never was.

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