Friday, July 28, 2017

Oh, California, You’re The Best.

When your boss sees posts of you snowboarding on Instagram, he’ll say, “You missed work because you were sick. And judging from these pics, YOU WEREN’T LYING.”

Then he’ll fist-bump you.

You can still make this scenario happen out here, because Mammoth Mountain, a very kickass resort just five hours north of LA, is still open. Their policy is to keep the lifts running as long as there’s snow on the ground. And thanks to a very wet winter, they got dumped on, and won’t close until August 6th.

If we didn’t already have the best of everything on the west coast – sunshine; beaches; beautiful, smart, happy people; no mosquitoes – add to that: fun in the snow ten months a year. Pack your shit. See you soon.

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