Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Summer Trip To Chicago, By Matthew Shevin. Part I.

Before there were iPads, we had a thing called babysitters. Until I was three and my family moved, our babysitter was a teenager next door named Billy. I idolized Billy, and all these years later, we had a reunion before one of the games in Chicago, where he’s lived since college. He’s still every bit the man.

If you grow up in New York, you’ll know “The Odd Couple” reruns practically run on a loop on channel 11. My friend Rob and I are huge fans, so I initially suggested staying at Hotel Felix as a joke. Then, with more research, it turned out to be the perfect place – a great boutique right in the heart of town. It’s amazing how soft their towels become after you wash them at home.

The city is essentially one continuous restaurant – my kind of town – though I found the Weber Grill to be slightly odd. A quick search revealed it actually has a kitchen filled with giant charcoal grills, cooking up some yummy meats:
 You do you, Chicago.

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