Monday, July 24, 2017

My First Favorite Movie Of The Year.

If you ask a veteran if they’ve killed anyone, and they say they don’t like to talk about it, that means no.

It’s better to watch what happened for yourself, which you can, with Dunkirk, a true story about the desperation of 300,000 British soldiers cornered on the beaches of Dunkirk, France in World War II.

Christopher Nolan wrote, directed and produced the film, and the beauty and scale of it is amazing. It’s gripping from the first second. and I’m not sure how Nolan recreated all the large naval vessels and fighter planes to this scale, but he shot it in 70mm and it’s amazing. Virtual reality should be this stunning.

I’m sorry my dad isn’t around anymore, because he was infatuated with World War II history, and going to war films together was our thing. He would have loved this.

I saw the film at the flagship of all theaters everywhere: ArcLight in Hollywood, which displayed wardrobe from Dunkirk, along with Tom Hardy’s character’s cockpit. Pretty damn nifty.

This is an epic film, and unlike the non-killer vets, people will definitely talk about it years from now.

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