Thursday, June 22, 2017

Too Bad It’s Perma-frizzlefrazzle.

My dad wrote my name with a Sharpie on his arm every morning instead of getting a tattoo, just in case I ended up being a disappointment.

Good foresight, Dad. Somewhat related, I received this email the other day:
Hi Matt,
I’m a writer for Newsweek. I’m working on a story where I interview people who have tattoos of Bill Cosby, in light of his criminal trial. I did some googling and randomly landed on an old blog post of yours. 
Do you actually have a Bill Cosby tattoo or was that a joke? 
Zach Schonfeld
I let him know that unfortunately, it was a joke. To Zach’s credit, he replied:
Hey Matt, 
Would you be interested in getting a Bill Cosby tattoo so I can profile you for my story? 
(Just kidding. Thanks for the quick reply.) 
Good man. Here’s his story:

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