Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Terminal Goodness.

At the airport last week, I heard a guy’s laptop say “you’ve got mail”. I was pretty sure I’d landed in 1998.

He may not have his shit together, but LAX does. I happened to fly the same weekend Delta and JetBlue were swapping terminals. It was a feat that required 170 movers to transport everything across the airport, including 3000 computers.

Not only did they get it done, but by the time I landed back in LA on Tuesday, all of the new signage was up. I have to hand it to LAX – they really came through. Anticipating several confused passengers, they posted dozens of workers positioned who would approach unprompted and ask if you needed any help.

Inside, workers in “RELAX WHILE WE RE(DO) LAX” branded shirts handed out free bottles of fancy, pressed juices, and packs of cookies. That’s how it’s done.

 Let this be a lesson: I will put up with any level of inconvenience if you serve me juice and cookies.

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