Thursday, May 18, 2017

In Which Everything I Love Has To Die.

I was once sitting in a movie theater when a trailer ended with “November 20th”, and a guy loudly said, “That’s my birthday!” A random guy said “happy birthday”.

That was the best trailer ever. I only like them in small doses, which is so not AMC Theaters’ philosophy. You’ll sit through a half hour of commercials and trailers before the movie you came to see finally begins. If Costco built a movie theater, this would be it.

It’s why my friends and I pay extra to see films at ArcLight and Sundance Cinema. But yesterday, I found out the Sundance Cinema on Sunset Blvd. had changed to an AMC Theater. I leave for one weekend, and all hell breaks lose.

Sundance was such a great place. My movie, The Beneficiary, screened there when it was the Laemmle Theater, and then Robert Redford bought the Laemmle, threw $2 million at it, and spiffed it up into a really nice theater. It had real food and drinks and coffee, which you could take into your movie and place on the large side-tables between every fourth seat.

Rather than ushering you the hell out after your movie ended, the staff encouraged you to stay and hang – maybe have a drink at the unnamed bar – which is now named MacGuffins – which sounds like a theme restaurant, if the theme is “Mario Lopez”.

All I can hope is that this AMC continues to show more independent films, like my favorite movie from last year, Don’t Think Twice. If not, I may take to drinking. Anywhere but MacGuffins.

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