Friday, March 3, 2017

House Of Worship.

I never understood why everyone talked so fast in old movies. What was the hurry? There was nothing to do back then.

The old flicks don’t really do it for me, with one major exception: anything with the Marx Brothers. I love them. It’s partially because I’m the middle of three boys, and my brothers and I watched every Marx Brothers movie with our dad over and over again. He really loved them, too. But mainly, the Marx Brothers were so far ahead of their time. They weren’t doing the asinine Three Stooges bits – they were smart and hilarious and always consistent.

For a little while, I took an acting class with Groucho Marx’s granddaughter Jade, and had to really contain my infatuation with her family. Then, last week, I passed Groucho’s old house in Beverly Hills and was immediately star struck. It encompassed everything LA is to me.

As actors, we’re always searching for our motivation. I kinda found mine.

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