Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pick One! Do One Right!

SEBASTIAN: There’s this jazz club... the Musain. It’s incredible. All of the big swing bands used to play there. And I... I always wanted to play there.
MIA: So what’s stopping you? I’ve heard you play – you’re definitely good enough.
SEBASTIAN: Well, um, thanks. But unfortunately, it’s a samba/tapas place now.
MIA: What’s a samba/tapas place?
SEBASTIAN: You know, a samba place where they serve tapas. So the joke’s on… history, I guess.
I recognized it the second I passed it: the location from La La Land that plagues Ryan Gosling’s character. It’s actually a theater on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, used to be owned by Barbara Streisand, and is where she recorded most of her albums.

Facing it is the café in which Sebastian went out of his way to drink coffee and feel contempt. The crew dressed it up a bit – it’s little ragged in real life:

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