Thursday, February 2, 2017

Estoy En La Biblioteca.

I have read every classic, important book ever written, just in case you have a question about the first 54 pages of any of them.

Forgive me – I went to a state school. Which was the last time I entered a library until yesterday, thanks to a new “grownup study hall” pact I have with my friend Mike.

Mike produces made-for-TV movies, and has spent the last few months in Canada working on his latest one. Now that’s he’s back, he’s had trouble focusing on his work, and since I’ve been so busy I haven’t visited the sitcom I’m creating in a while, we decided we are going to spend our weekdays at libraries.

Yesterday, we went to the very tony Manhattan Beach location. Brand new, built for a cost of $27 million, it easily has the best view of any library in the country. I had the Pacific Ocean in my sight all afternoon.

Next, we’re going to hit one of the libraries by Mike in Santa Monica. Not as fancy, but just as disciplining. By the way – to all those who receive a book from me as a birthday gift – they’ll be due back in two weeks.

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