Monday, January 30, 2017


Ted Melfi is such a good director, I fully believe he could pull off getting Johnny Depp to play a regular guy.

I was a fan from the moment we went into pre-production on the featurette I wrote and starred in, because it was incredible to watch Ted work. There’s a common belief that you can do anything in life if you want it bad enough, but it’s a misnomer – you have to work your ass off, too. If we needed to find one shooting location, Ted would scout twelve. Everything was above and beyond.

So it comes as no surprise that he wrote a script, somehow got it to the impossible-to-reach Bill Murray, Bill loved it, and they made St. Vincent.

Now, Ted’s latest film, Hidden Figures, is nominated for an Oscar, and last night, it won for best cast at the SAG Awards. As the actors gathered on stage, Taraji P. Henson insisted Ted Melfi join them, saying he was the man made this happen.

I texted the above screen-grab to him while he was on stage, to which he replied “I need a toupĂ©e.”

Eh – don’t worry about it. Everybody’s eyes will be on your awards. 

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