Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Voted.

I’m glad I’m not an actress, because I would never be able to say “but my favorite role is being a mom” at award shows.

But I’ll vote for moms no problem, and step-moms, and baby mamas, for that matter, and I did yesterday. The SAG Awards air this Sunday, and the deadline for us to cast our votes is tomorrow. I like the SAGs a lot, because they honor only actors, and in interesting ways – not just lead and supporting, but entire casts of TV shows and movies. One category that will go down to the wire this year is lead actor in a motion picture:

For me, it came down to Ryan Gosling, who was not only phenomenal as the principled musician/romantic, but really played every note on the piano after only three months of training, and Casey Affleck, who just owns the screen in one of the most tragic roles I’ve ever seen.

How do you choose? I’m reminded of my favorite Oscar speech ever, in which George Clooney said, “I don’t quite know how you compare art. You look at these performances this year, of these actors, and unless we all did the same role, everybody put on a bat suit, and we’ll all try that. Unless we all did the same role, I don’t know how you compare it.”

Agree. But I chose Casey.

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