Monday, December 5, 2016

What To Do In December In Los Angeles.

Californians reacting to snowfall is very similar to cavemen reacting to seeing fire for the first time.

Yet there we were, spending Friday night at The Grove, drinking on the balcony at Bar Verde, when the snow machines kicked in. Our heads exploded.

I presumed this guy on the trolley with his hand on the back of the snowman was dating whoever was stuffed inside. Then I realized he was keeping the person inside from tumbling to a hilariously embarrassing death.

The Apple Store changing their logo to red for the holidays is the second smartest thing they’ve done since preventing their phones from exploding.

The kid in me said, “Buy 30 bucks of candy.” But the adult in me said, “Buy 30 bucks of candy and more liquor.”

We had to go off the reservation for pizza late night, and here’s a tip: Damore’s is open until 4 a.m., and so good that I wolfed down a slice faster than anyone could snap a pic.

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