Monday, December 26, 2016

In Which I Lose My Shit Over A Film.

In the face of such hopelessness as your eventual, unavoidable death, there is little sense in not at least trying to accomplish your wildest dream in life. That is, unless, your wildest dream is to hunt humans. Then I’m not talking to you. Life is painful enough, so don’t hurt people, asshole.

If you’re pursuing any sort of dream, including falling for someone who gets you and supports you, La La Land is your cup of tea.

I loved it. Yes, it’s a musical, but it’s epic and funny and romantic and inspiring and I don’t know how Damien Chazelle, who also wrote and directed the amazing Whiplash, pulled this off. Shooting the opening dance number on the ramp that connects the 105 Freeway to the 110 is in itself a major feat of city permit magic.

But that’s fitting. Damien did it the hard way. The best way. The song in that scene, “Another Day of Sun”, is all about endless possibilities for those of us with dreams in Los Angeles. Even when you fall flat on your face in LA, you go to bed, and when you wake up the next day, it’s gorgeous, and the possibilities start all over again.

I’m partially ashamed to admit that I located the film’s composer, Justin Hurwitz, last night, and told him how much I appreciated the lyrics speaking to every actor in LA. He replied right back, thanking me.

Now, take my opinion with a pound of salt – I’m not guaranteeing everyone will love it. (My little brother didn’t. Heart of stone, that kid.) But you really might. There’s a moment in La La Land, when after a defeating night, one of the leads questions why we act. What do we contribute to the world? I’ll say: plenty. After a long week, people go to movies to escape, and we can take them on a journey. And this is the best movie week of the year. We have time off, and we’re around family, so go see La La Land, or Manchester By the Sea. (Which is also amazing though terribly tragic.) You’ll see what I mean.

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