Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Celebrity Reader.

Sometimes you run into people who totally change your life for the better. Bartenders. Those people are called bartenders.

Even better are people like my friend (and very good actor) Brian Singer, who forwarded my blog entry about The Edge of Seventeen to Kelly Fremon Craig, the movie’s writer/director. Above is her response.

Super thrill. Thank you, sir.

Here’s Brian on his friendship with Kelly:

One week after moving to LA – 20 years ago this month – I responded to a casting notice for an evening of one-acts at the La Habra Depot Theater. I ended up in two of the plays, one with her. She was just 16. She and her mom were very cool, and we stayed in touch. Yeah, well now she’s hanging with James L. Brooks, and from what I can tell, staying cool. Very cool. 

I like that Brian first knew her when she was 16, and experiencing everything she wrote into her movie.

In retrospect, 1996 was an interesting year for Brian. Check this out:

Nearly 20 years ago, I chaperoned a high school drama club to their theater competition in Tampa. A friend and co-actor from Lake Worth was their teacher. I spent quite a bit of time with two kids – one, a lively little guy named Jay. The other, an aloof, quiet, interesting kid named Oscar. Yes, Oscar Isaac. Just found that out a couple months ago. Had no idea when I saw Llewyn Davis. Of course, I instantly became a fan. And I’ve had to go re-watch Bourne Legacy, Sucker Punch, etc. to see him. I look forward to seeing how he holds Star Wars together. Huge for a kid from South Florida.

Thanks again, Brian.

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