Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Holiday History Lesson.

When I die, I want my tombstone to say free WiFi, so people will visit more often.

It wasn’t an option for Ezekiel Halstead, buried in my hometown in 1805. You see, Rye was settled in 1667, making it 109 years older than America. While taking Ollie on extremely long walks down memory lane, I’ve snapped a few pics.

This is the Square House, a tavern/inn that George Washington stayed in twice. George called it a “clean and decent inn”, which I presume meant he didn’t contract syphilis.

This is more personal history than American history: Highland Hall, my first residence. I lived there until I turned one. We lived upstairs, and my dad, a podiatrist, had the world’s shortest commute – the diet center on the first floor, center, was previously his office.


Nygumbo said...

A little history with a George Wahington slept here...nice.

Matt Shevin said...