Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Got To Say It Was A Good Actor Day.

I just found a new app that that tells you which of your friends are boring. It’s called Facebook.

That is, unless, you’re my friend Will Radford. I woke up early two weeks ago and saw a Facebook post from Will that read: “Tuesday was another one of those great ‘actor days’ – callback for a national commercial, producer read for a fun role on a network dramedy, and ending with a good class. So grateful for the activity...”

I love Will. I think of him as a brother. But I felt a twinge of jealousy all actors feel – that my career had been a little slow the past month. (Even Aaron Eckhart mentioned going through it recently in the LA Times.) I got out of bed and went to the gym, where I bumped into my other acting brother, Ariel, and told him I needed a good acting day like Will. (Small world: the screen-grab above is of Will on an episode of “Silicon Valley”, a role in which he unwittingly beat out Ariel to get. Oh the pain, William, the pain.)

Hold that thought. Three hours after I spoke to Ariel, I received a callback for a national commercial. Five minutes after that, I got an audition for a drama on ABC. The universe was eavesdropping.

And the very next day, I nailed the drama audition, went to my commercial callback, and am now on avail (one of the top two choices) for a role the commercial. And just like that, I had one of those great actor days.

Whatever you need today, go ahead and bitch about it. Whine like crazy. Be the squeaky wheel. Trust me.

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