Monday, October 31, 2016

The 2016 UNICEF Halloween Masquerade Ball.

It was nice to finally put on a tux and not have people assume I’d forgotten to do laundry again.

The event was definitely extravagant. Tickets were up to $50,000 each, and it was held at Clifton’s Cafeteria, a historic venue downtown which had been transformed into a fully-decorated five-story mansion. The theme of this year’s ball was “Wes Anderson”, so my mask was a tribute to The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Here’s more:

Normally, nobody likes the acoustic guitar guy at a party, but one of the rooms at this event was an intimidate music setting, featuring acoustic bands like Cold War Kids, who have a huge hit out right now, and were amazing live.

On one of the floors was a ballroom, complete with a gold dance floor. On another, a “photo booth” featuring a jungle setting, with a professional photographer taking pics. In the basement was a neon art installation, which I loved, because I fully believe the only good art is the kind you plug in.

There were open bars everywhere you turned, with bartenders pouring drinks with vodka bottles in both hands, followed by a splash of soda. Which meant there was a super-happy-drunken-dance phase, followed by the above 2 a.m. only-capable-of-listening-to-and-clapping-for-live-bands phase.

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