Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Retraction.

If someone upsets you, write a nasty letter and file it away before you say something you might regret. Then punch that person in the face.

If only the opportunity presented itself.

I have to recant some of my praise for Kansas City. I mentioned last week that someone waited until after we went into Arrowhead Stadium to spit on our rental SUV, punishment for the heinous crime of wearing Jets jerseys. Then, back in LA, something else occurred to me: when we returned the SUV at the KC airport, it had a little crack in the windshield. It wasn’t there before the game, so someone not only spit on our car, but threw something at it.

To the gentlemen who did this: are you that morally bankrupt? Forgive us for wanting to see our team play. My friend Mark commented on my post last week (in which I mentioned the spitting) that I should imagine what New Yorkers might do to KC fans’ cars in New York. I know exactly what: nothing. New Yorkers don’t feel threatened by other cities.

After posting what happened on the Arrowhead Stadium Facebook page, someone from stadium hospitality asked me to call her. She had her security team search through the stadium lot video footage to see if they could find anything. (They couldn’t.) She called me a second time, apologizing profusely, and I let her know it wasn’t her fault that some of her fans were animals.

I must clarify that Chiefs fans were not all bad, including a group of guys who came up to us after the game, and instead of humiliating us about how poorly the Jets played, made cool small talk. That’s the gesture of bona fide human beings.

Kinda how it should be, right? Right.

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