Friday, September 30, 2016

It Got Ugly.

Hell is probably just hundreds of tourists trying to take pictures while you try to walk down Hollywood Blvd.

 I was luckily perched above these knuckleheads on Wednesday, working from the building across from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre during the premiere of “Westworld”. It’s a new HBO show based on the 70s film about a futuristic theme park that creates expensive, old-western fantasies for customers. (Like fighting to the death.)

Every HBO show must be given a shot, and “Westworld” looks to be one of the most violent of them all. I read that it serves up no end of distressing moments in which characters are terrorized, assaulted or murdered. You had me at assaulted.

Fittingly, it started raining for the first time since May, just as the cast (some stellar names, including Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris) showed up. The rain only lasted ten minutes, but it was one of those really trippy showers, in which it rained on only one side of the street. Well-played, God.

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