Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Am What I Eat.

According to a box of spaghetti, I am an Italian family of eight.

Food is my favorite. And Tuesday night, I stumbled into a new place to procure it: Au Fudge.

Au Fudge has super yummy food, and seemed a bit kid friendly. (I read later that Jessica Biel owns it, and that was her intent.) But I was there at night, and with all the kids all gone, it was just grownups in comfort-food heaven. Hell yeah that’s baked mac and cheese and chicken nuggets served in ceramic piglet dishes.

There’s also steak and chicken and salmon, and incredible desserts. Oh, and there’s a mini arcade:

The check comes with two pieces of fudge, which were so rich, we headed straight into the bakery section for more. Sure, I eat my feelings. But at least they’re really happy ones.

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