Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friend In Low Places.

I just want to be rich enough to say “that won't be necessary” when the police start to handcuff me.

A backstory: when I was a kid, my parents were looking to buy a vacation place for us, and one of my dad’s podiatry partners told him about a condo he’d bought in Ocean City, MD. My parents bought the condo next door to him, and we spent two weeks every summer and every three-day weekend with his family.

They had three kids, and we had three kids, and we all got along. Those are some of the best memories of my life. Good on Paul and Sheila Shevin, because for kids, Ocean City is the SHIT – a beach-town peninsula packed with fast food joints, arcades, jet-skis and dune buggies.

We eventually lost touch with that family, save for a little Facebook catching up I had with their daughter a couple years ago. Then her brother, always a sweet kid back in the day, did something not so sweet.

He was arrested on Tuesday, for making and selling firearms, including AK-47s and AR-15s. Police seized 59 weapons in all, 49 of them illegal. That’s one of the evidence photos, above.

Not helping:
  • He was arrested after dropping off his daughter at school, while carrying an illegal firearm on school grounds 
  • Wrong place, wrong time – the arrest happened where he was living, in Fairfield, CT, only 20 miles from Sandy Hook 
  • Some of the guns seized didn't have serial numbers, so they couldn’t be traced. He was selling silencers as well. 
  • Many of the guns found in his house were not locked up or secured, so the cops went ahead and notified the Department of Children and Families 
  • He had business cards and a website that proclaimed “All of your AR needs... no names, no numbers, no witnesses.
The arrest is all over the news in NY, and in a time in which we don’t know how to stop shooters, the guys who supply the weapons are going down hard. They’re gonna jack up the jail and throw him under it.

My brothers, my mom and I are trying to wrap our heads around all of this. It hits much too close to home. Though I must say, way to go, Mom – three for three, no gun arrests. Much respect.

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