Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feel Better, Sir.

The last thing I wanted to wake up to yesterday was news that my friend Warren had had a stroke.

He’s too young a man and too nice a guy. We’ve known each other since birth – our dads went to school together – and I consider his family the cousins we never had.

Warren is a real selfless dude. He’s planning on moving from Connecticut to Florida this month, so that he can be closer to his parents, and so that his daughter, who’s had some health issues of her own, can live in a warmer climate.

I messaged his mom late yesterday, and she said he’s thankfully doing better. That’s a relief.

And that said, Warren, you didn’t need to have a stroke to prove how much you want to move to Florida. We get it.


Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, but your sense of humor in the post was spot on! haha

Matt Shevin said...

Thanks Catherine!