Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The First Movie You Should See This Year.

I’m going to recommend a movie you must see. And like five out of five frat guys, I am not gonna take no for an answer.

Deadpool is just demented. It’s an R-rated superhero film. There is gore, nudity, dirty jokes and bad language. The main character is politically incorrect, has no problem doling out severe punishment to bad guys and is quick with a wisecrack. He likes the same crap we do.

For years, I’ve tried to remind people how great Ryan Reynolds was in the sitcom “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.” His timing was impeccable, and he made good scripts even better. But then his career went the trajectory of every actor in Hollywood – action films – and it didn’t quite work out – until now, and he’s as well-cast as he’s ever been.

You’ll know Deadpool is not your ordinary superhero movie from the opening credits, which are as honest as any in history: no names, just hilarious descriptors for the cast and crew. The writers are “The Real Heroes Here”, while the director is “An Overpaid Tool”.

On Thursday, my friend Andre had to be put on the phone with his ten-year-old son, who lives in Arizona with Andre’s ex. The boy was hysterically crying after being told he wasn’t allowed to see Deadpool. The tears are justified, Jonah.

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