Wednesday, December 16, 2015

For Your Holiday Viewing Pleasure.

The true meaning of Christmas is buying shit.

And avoiding family, by watching movies. Here are three I highly recommend to kill some time:

99 Homes – find it on demand. Every year there are a few films that for some reason are completely overlooked, and this is the best one of this year. Incredibly compelling. Set in Orlando during the housing crisis, when families were evicted from their homes by the dozens. A modern-day horror film.

The Martian – may still be in theaters in whatever hayseed town your cousins live in. It’s terrific, and fun, seeing Matt Damon’s character vow to “science the shit” out of his situation in order to survive.

Sicario – possibly still in theaters, on demand in January. This movie came highly recommended by my friends Aina and Bru, so I’ll quote Aina directly: “Sicario breaks so many molds in terms of structure, the typical hero/heroine formula that studios (and sometimes audiences) force filmmakers into, cinematography, sound design, musical score... the list is endless.”

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