Monday, December 21, 2015

Day One: Please Remain Standing.

If I had any self respect, I’d tell the guy sitting next to me to stop making me get up every ten minutes so he can take daughter to the bathroom. But I don’t, so I’m gonna blog about it.

Boundaries, dad. Boundaries.

Beyond that, it was such an effortless, enjoyable flight, mostly because I didn’t fly the devil’s asshole that is United Airlines. Really nice surprise: my pal Rob, the producer who flew with me during our month-long shoot in August, was also on the plane. We’ve now put in more than 70 hours of flight-time together.

But more about my new favorite airline: JetBlue, which knows how to treat its passengers. Check out the above Inflight Marketplace, where anyone on the plane has access to goodies. Here’s how they describe it:

“Inflight Marketplace is a mid-cabin stop for any customer who wants to grab a beverage or snack. An idea we got from our own crewmembers who often set up inpromptu stations for customers to help themselves to additional snacks during a long flight.

Treat me like a grownup and I’ll be back. Often.

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