Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Give Thanks.

I Give Thanks. Thanks for listening, pictures of breasts.

Yeah, it’s a great holiday. And as is tradition, I like to thank everything that made my blog possible this past year:
  • Animatronic dairy bands 
  • Chocolate crema hazelnut crumble at Osteria La Buca 
  • The under renovation shithole that is Courtyard by Marriott 
  • The “No Concealed Weapons” sign at the Red Cross 
  • Smelly casting workshop couch 
  • A children’s dentistry and breast implant practice 
  • The old woman who crossed the street running 
  • Harley guy waving to dude on a pink scooter 
  • TV’s “please do not hit children” reminders 
  • The gentleman who required two stylists to trim his comb-over 
  • Bilingual babe-magnet puppies 
  • Dog trainers who boot their own trailers 
  • Spaghetti and beetballs Line drives to my head 
  • Riding in cars with elderly Asians 
  • O’Neill Men’s “Murca” beer pong boardshort 
  • An allergy to water 
  • Cars from Enterprise that reek of weed 
  • The John F. Kennedy Gentleman’s Lounge 
  • Stray cows 
  • Pakistani Hitler 
  • Man pissing in Herald Square

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