Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting The Boy Band Back Together.

I bet whenever the guy who invented giving someone the finger was flipped off for the first time, he was probably a little flattered.

I hope the same goes for my friend Bru, because whenever I bump into our mutual friend Emil, we text Bru an obligatory finger pic. The one above is our latest, from Monday night.

Emil is a super-talented actor who was cool enough to agree to be in a new comedy short that I wrote. We were supposed to shoot it a few months ago, but got waylaid by my big trip.

But now we’re back on, and our friend Gary has agreed to direct it. Gary is currently working on his second project for Martin Scorcese, something he directed and is editing. He told me yesterday that he only says yes to Martin and me. Opposite of the finger to you, sir.

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