Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Food – Going Full Brazilian.

More pics from my trip, this time focusing on all the yumminess. Including: how Brazilians stay so thin is anybody’s guess, because every restaurant comes complete with a gigantic buffet. Pack your stretch jeans.

Figueira Rubaiyat is a restaurant in São Paulo that’s built around a 100-year-old fig tree. I asked our confused waiter if the figs were fresh.

We bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue at the bar in Figueira. It’s the most expensive of the Johnnie Walkers, and comes with a carrying case and a set of crystal glasses. Top-shelf alcoholism.

Coming straight from India, where beef is practically illegal, I considered this the “Welcome to Brazil” sign.

Jardineira Grill is a classic Brazilian steakhouse in which meat is brought to your table and cut directly onto your plate. You can only summon up the appetite to visit a place like this once every few years. We went there twice in three days.

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