Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I’m Matt Shevin, And I Approve These Coaches.

“I’m smart. Everyone else is stupid.” – Everyone.

We’re all guilty of thinking it, and making bad decisions based upon it. But I knew better the other day, when I got an audition for a TV show. I could have simply memorized my lines, made a couple of choices about the character and dressed appropriately.

Instead, I went to the experts: my friends Aina and Bru. They’re the best at coaching actors. They helped me become completely prepared for the audition, and the casting director was very happy with my work.

They go above and beyond in everything they do. If you need to be coached, put on tape for an audition, have your reel edited, or anything directed, go to them.

Getting an audition is tough enough. Don’t blow that rare opportunity. Casting directors bring you in because they know you have the right look for the role, and can deliver what they need. So why go it alone, only to have them wonder at how you’ve managed to wrap all that tremendous talent in all that frump? Oh, honey. You’re not going to the prom in that?

Do your career a favor and visit Aina and Bru here: Undercurrent Media.

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