Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It’s The Only Way To Fly.

On a shoot like this, with a cumulative flight-time of 65 hours, the key is comfort. Business and first class whenever possible. Above, flying from Shanghai to São Paolo (via Dubai), my friend Rob and I toast “to evil.”

Talk about a caste system: the flight from Mumbai to Dubai was on an Emirates A380, featuring two levels of seating and separate jetways for first/business class and economy.

The UAE first class lounge in Dubai runs the entire length of the massive airport, including an all-inclusive five-star restaurant. Let coach eat bread crusts.

For the first time since I can remember, there were empty seats on a flight. So we had the flight attendant prepare our beds (complete with mattresses) on separate seats so we could retreat to our quarters.

Constellations on the ceiling. Next time I’m packing my footsie-pajamas.


Paige said...

That certainly sounds like a nice way to travel! Thanks for sharing your experience.

Matt Shevin said...

Thanks Paige.