Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I’m A Hitter.

When I die, I want Jay Z’s life to flash before my eyes.

Lately, my own life ain’t half bad, with the fancy flights and hotel accommodations. The goodness continued here in the states Friday night, as I met my little brother at Yankee Stadium to see a game. He came through with seats behind the Yankee dugout. $2400 apiece.

What they included: waitress service, and an all-inclusive menu. Access to the Legends Suite, and all the not-so-classic ballpark fare you can eat. Like gelato…

…sushi, ribs and prime rib.

Of course, this is more my speed.

To make sure I didn’t completely lost touch with the peasants, I took the subway to and from the stadium. Friday night’s featured subway smell: wet dog.

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