Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Was In China This Morning.

I had to travel 9300 miles to find out if someone can actually be shanghaied.

What I learned was that the most important thing of all can be confiscated: Internet. The good sites, anyway. Forbidden from access for five days: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the site that hosts my blog.

But now I’m back online, and in Mumbai, after a mad scramble and rejiggering of itinerary through Bangkok. A torrential downpour (this really ain’t LA) delayed or canceled all flights out of Shanghai, but we miraculously made it out. Business class, baby. It’s good to be the king.

We landed here late tonight, and there’s a bit more I have backlogged about China I want to share, so bear with me. More coming in the next few days.

Bedtime here. There was one snafu in the shifting of flights: our luggage didn’t make it. So I’m gonna get up in a few hours, shower, flip my underwear and head to breakfast.

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