Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Can Explain.

Try not to read into anything I do. I once dated a girl for two months because she had a trampoline.

I’m mostly talking to you, NSA, about some of the questionable purchases I’ve recently made. Yeah, I bought a wood bat and extra long nails that I’ll be hammering into that bat, but who hasn’t?

Three rolls of duct tape, sure. The pistol, the “tobacco” pipe – yeah they’re mine, too. But I did not buy a temporary swastika tattoo. I merely searched for one. No one sells them. Same goes for the suicide vests I googled.

That’s because everything I’ve bought is simply a prop for a shoot.

Anyway, if you still decide to haul me in, no need to bring handcuffs. I purchased a pair myself.

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