Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Second Great Movie Of The Year.

You know, there’s a support group for people who had tough upbringings. It’s called “Everybody.” We meet at the bar.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys had an especially shitty childhood. And early adulthood. Love & Mercy gets into it, and it also shows how much of an innovative genius he was when it came to songwriting and production.

But he was tortured, by both his abusive dad and auditory hallucinations. We see it in both his teens and in his 40s, portrayed by Paul Dano and John Cusack. I really liked this film a lot.

Making it all the more surreal for me was that I saw it at the Landmark Theater on Pico Blvd., less than a mile from Brian’s former studio. I worked there a bunch after it was under new ownership, and seeing the movie prompted me to drive over and take this pic:

Fascinating film. See it.

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