Monday, June 15, 2015

My Friend Jenn’s Wedding: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

Jenn got married on Saturday, on a cliff at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach – the complete antithesis of a Holiday Inn banquet room.

Making the Montage all the more perfect: rabbits run freely about the grounds.

No, this was not one of the rabbits being served during the cocktail reception. I asked.

The bride really wore that dress. Me – I wore the same getup I have on in my headshots. I feel shame.

Cleansing the palate: pink grapefruit sorbet. I’m going to start doing this nightly between my turkey meatballs and brown rice.

Every wedding features the obligatory praise for the bride, but on Saturday, it was merited. The groom talked about Jenn always putting others ahead of herself, and making fast friends in every area of her life. He was right. May all the women with hearts as big as hers look just as happy walking down the aisle.

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