Thursday, May 14, 2015

It’s My Birthday.

A birthday is my favorite time to be surrounded by friends and family, because at least this intervention comes with cake.

I’ve got everything I need, so I always ask that instead of gifts or well wishes, you instead support the TV shows, movies, and even the restaurants that I love, because that will all ensure they stick around and trickle down to my career and my life. This year, I’m going with a mishmash of all kinds of things I want you to see, read or ingest:
  • The TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” 
  • Comedian Bo Burnham’s YouTube special “What”  
  • Tree Hugger all-natural bubble gum 
  • The Adam Carolla Show podcast 
  • My friend Rob Weintraub’s book No Better Friend 
  • The movie Mud 
  • The fried chicken sandwich at Son of a Gun 
  • Donating blood to the Red Cross 
  • Any airline except United 
  • Traffic app Waze 
  • Tropical island Boracay 
  • Sundance Cinema 
  • “True Detective” season two 
  • Nutro dog food 
  • The University of Maryland men’s lacrosse team over North Carolina this weekend

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