Monday, May 18, 2015

Downtown Saturday Night.

For decades, downtown LA was a wasteland of half-empty office buildings and fully empty streets. But now, it’s become gritty and cool like New York used to be. I had a friend in town, staying at The Standard, and we started the night at the rooftop bar there. The Standard is housed in the old Superior Oil building, and does everything in its power to distance itself from its corporate ancestor. On the room phones, there's a button marked “Fluffer.” Push it and you hear moans and heavy breathing.

We hopped over to The Upstairs bar at the Ace Hotel, also a rooftop location, also with a pool. And a phenomenal view.

For a long time, the United Artists Theater, which is located downstairs at the hotel, was used as a cathedral. This big sign still remains.

And above, the church tower has no influence on drunken bikini-clad patrons.

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