Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Space Shuttle Endeavor: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

Sure, I’ve got everything it takes to become an astronaut, but where, when? Answer: almost nowhere and just about never.

On Saturday, we went to see Endeavour, which is on permanent display at the California Science Center. Above is what everyone sees as they first enter the hangar, and it’s enough to make each visitor stop dead in his tracks. You can’t imagine the enormity until you’re next to it.

Space toilet from the shuttle. Normally you oughta consult your physician if you’ve got to strap your feet in during a poop.

An accompanying documentary showed how Endeavour made its way through the streets of LA from LAX to the Science Center. Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets, city workers cut tree limbs to give it a wider berth, cops snapped pics like they were little kids. It was surprisingly patriotic and moving for me. This is my favorite shot, pushing past a washing machine as the shuttle passed a laundromat.

The obligatory shakedown gift shop just under the shuttle’s nose.

To get my nephew to pose with me, I had to bribe the little shit with a mini gobstopper.

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