Friday, January 23, 2015

Everything You Love Eventually Must Die.

I don’t call it “hanging out.” I call it “texting with friends in real life.”

But there was a time when we really did get together. In college. I went to the University of Maryland, and I really lucked out. I had the full college experience, and made a shitload of friends whom I’m close with to this day.

Some of the more reckless memories occurred in the Knox Boxes – apartments on Knox Road, just off campus in College Park. We drained kegs blasted music and guaranteed we’d never see our security deposits returned. I have a great picture somewhere of my girlfriend at the time and I sitting on steps just like the ones above on my 22nd birthday.

But now, a developer has decided to level the Knox Boxes, and replace them with the very swanky “Knox Village.” Residents were offered $500 gift cards to soften the eviction.

Time to pour a 40 oz. Milwaukee’s Best for my homies. Progress. Sucks.

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